6 Expenses You Can Eliminate to Save Money

The next time you ask the question, how much do I earn? Remember that it does not refer to your salary, but what you have left after you have spent what you had. That amount is what you really earn. If it seems like a small amount, it is time to start figuring out ways to save money.

First establish a balance, it is time to list all the unnecessary expenses and define how you will avoid them.

Here are some concepts you can save on:

  1. Eliminate credit cards, if you are the one with several cards and each one costs an annuity you should transfer all your expenses to the one that uses you the most and eliminate the ones that you do not really take advantage of.
  2. Cable subscription, if you are one with more than 100 channels on the television but only see two or three or after spending more than 8 hours in the houseonly to turn it on for one or two hours a day, you could consider eliminating the cable service. However, if you are a sports lover and do not like to miss a single football game, this one my be a bit difficult.
  3. Renew your phone plan, if you do not spend 500 minutes to call or unlimited text messages that almost nobody uses but for those who pay month by month, give it back, there are now many “released” plans, that is if you have money you pay and if not, no, inform yourself and change your plan for something that you will use and save you some money.
  4. Membership in the gym, only fitness lovers take advantage of a gym 100%, if they almost never see us around, or exercise sporadically maybe running around the neighborhood is for you, on the internet you can also find routines that can done at home.
  5. Magazines and books, having a collection of books at home is very elegant but will you read them one, two or three times more? on the internet there are many (legal) pages that offer PDF books that you can download and save without problems, so if you share it with a friend you will not worry if they do not return it.
  6. Offers (compulsive shopping), How many times did I take advantage of some discount at the supermarket and ended up buying things I did not look for? Try not to fall into the temptation of 3X2 or 50% discount on the second product, purchases “just in case” affect your budget and your spending plan.

Before you spend your money, think: Can I live without it? You will surely be able to survive without any of these expenses and improve your finances this year. Get started now!

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